FINA office’s design philosophy has its foundations on frugal innovation. The design process and the selection of materials for each project is concentrated on core functionalities with the aim to improve the sustainability of the building while substantially reducing cost without sacrificing style and quality.

Our frugal innovation approach seeks to minimise the use of highly processed materials that increase the required financial resources and the environmental footprint of the complete value chain (from development to disposal) with the objective of reducing the cost of ownership while fulfilling or even exceeding certain criteria of quality standards.

In each project, key elements are designed in ways that combine existing materials and technical capabilities of the local markets, forcing us to re-imagine the supply network while leading to increase in the proportion of involvement of regional technical capabilities. By having in mind how to increase the involvement of local technicians and workshop owners, we create a vision of co-evolution in the community that positively affects the local economies and spreads our perspective of aesthetics.